0xShard: Intro

Welcome to 0xShard’s blog! This is a collection of insightful articles and musings on smart contract security that I will be maintaining throughout the year 2023.

A bit about me: I’ve been programming in solidity for a few years now and have worked on various mev strategies, but recently, I’ve been diving deeper into the world of smart contract security and I wanted to share my journey with you all. Maintaining this blog is also a great way for me to stay accountable. My goal is to publish one to two in-depth blog posts per month, as well as a few smaller updates on my progress.

In these detailed blog posts, I’ll be delving deeper into the EVM, smart contracts, and any cool new things I come across. The updates on my journey will be a summary of my learning and progress over the past few weeks. So, join me on this journey and let’s explore the world of smart contract security together!